36 week pregnancy update

I haven’t written a pregnancy update in a good while so thought I’d do one today now that I’m at the 36 week mark! I have been keeping a written diary as well to look back on but its also nice to have  digital record to look back on too.

According to my Babycentre app, baby is the length of a romaine lettuce.  Basically, in a weeks time, she will be considered full time, even though I will still have 3 weeks until my due date.  Its more of a ‘due window’ as its normal for babies to be born anytime between 37 and 42 weeks gestation.  My other two were 13 and 12 days late respectively so I’m not holding out too much hope that I won’t go overdue again this time but also, I’ve been told that 3rd babies are notorious for doing what they like so you never know!

Overall, I’ve been very fortunate to have experienced a problem free pregnancy.  I’m now at that uncomfortable stage where its hard to sleep, due to various things – the size of my bump, heartburn, my bladder, my chest feeling compressed, baby kicking whenever I sleep on the recommended left hand side.  Its also hard to get up off the floor now and walking in general is getting very uncomfortable as the baby feels low and like she is going to fall out!

I have recently been diagnosed with anaemia so I’ve had to start on iron tablets. I had a funny feeling that I might need them as I’ve just been so lacking in energy and I feel like my heart is working really hard sometimes, especially when I’m lying down at night.  As well as taking the tablets I’ve been prescribed, I’m trying to up the amount of iron rich foods I eat, such as spinach and beetroot.

Getting plenty of kicks from baby, especially in the evenings when she tends to go crazy! I think that I will miss feeling her move around in there. I love having a baby bump, its the only time I don’t feel self conscious about my figure.

We are pretty much organised now with all the baby items we need.  We got our car seat this week which was a very kind gift from family. We chose the Joie Spin 360 combination seat – the reason being that we needed a seat that could go in with an Isofix base as our seat belts are too short for a belted option.  The seat was on special offer and although it was much more expensive that what we’d intended to spend on a seat, it worked out better value due to the fact that it comes with the Isofix attached and lasts from birth to four years.  The infant carriers we looked at would have worked out the same price or more expensive when you factor in the price of the Isofix base which seemed to cost more than the car seat itself! Once we have been using the Joie 360 for a while, I will do a review of it but it looks good – very chunky and well padded and I like the fact that it can be rear facing until 4 years which has been proved to be the safest option.  My advice would be to do your research on car seats early on and don’t leave it until the last minute – I research everything but hadn’t really looked into car seats and didn’t realise what a minefield it was.  Not every car seat fits into every car.

All the tiny clothes are washed and put away. This weekend I’m planning to pack baby’s hospital bag and make a start on mine. I also need to pack one for Orlaith as she will be going to my sisters house while we go to hospital.

We have decided to have the baby at the midwife led unit at our local hospital. I want to try a water birth again and they have a lovely room with a pool there.  I laboured in the pool last time but came out of the pool to give birth. I also just want the reassurance that help is only moments away should anything go unexpectedly as the midwife led unit is part of the hospital maternity block and right next to the main hospital.  Apparently you can be home again within a couple of hours if everything goes well so it needn’t be a long stay and I plan to labour at home as long as possible before heading in.  I don’t have a birth plan set in stone but would like the birth pool available, a natural birthing position, gas and air available, I will try and remember some hypno birthing techniques that I’ve learned, play relaxing music, have a natural third stage delivery if possible, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, vitamin K drops rather than injection. I’m more than happy to go with the flow and follow advice from the midwives. Its all exciting stuff!

I’ve been feeling anxious lately about breastfeeding.  I have plenty of experience with breastfeeding with having had two children already so I know that I can do it but that’s also what’s making me so anxious. I felt really trapped by it last time round and couldn’t ever get a break as Orlaith refused to take a bottle. I developed nursing aversion the older she got and felt like I was going mad with the lack of sleep and constantly feeling touched out.  With everything that we’ve been through, its important that I look after my mental health too.  I’m reading up on it again, the pros and cons, how to go about it and I also have bottles and a breast pump.  My plan is to just try and go with the flow, take a day at a time and offer a bottle of expressed milk as soon as possible.  In no way do I believe that formula is poison and I’m glad that it exists and am more than happy to use it but if I can give her the best start for her immune system with my own milk then I will.  I’ve heard good things about Mam bottles for breastfed babies so I’m going to try them out.

I think we have decided on a name, I love a few names but there is one that I have been coming back to again and again and I’ve been calling her that and it feels right.  I won’t reveal it until she is born though 😉

Still can’t believe I’m really having a baby next month and I’m so excited at the same time! Am I mentally prepared? Yes and no, I don’t think you ever can be but i’m looking forward to welcoming our newest family member very soon!

Little one, just by existing in my womb, you have already brought so much love and happiness into our family and I thank you for that.




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