Well, here we are already at the 25 week mark! Sometimes it feels like this pregnancy is flying in, other times it seems to be dragging.  I have to keep reminding myself that at almost 36 years old, as much as I can’t wait to meet our little girl, that this is likely to be my very last pregnancy and to try and slow down and enjoy it.  I need to savour the quiet, the chance to rest, to sleep, to be able to write or draw whenever I please. These are things I take for granted right now but I know that in a few short months, these things will all be a distant memory and I will wish that I’d taken advantage of the time I have now.

At the moment, other than being more tired than normal, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m not uncomfortable yet and apart from the occasional heartburn, I’m not experiencing any crazy symptoms. I’m able to eat well and sleep fairly comfortably, this will all change soon as my bump continues to grow.  I’m now feeling lots of kicks, especially if I’m having a cup of tea.  She’s more active in the evenings and I love feeling her wiggle around.

Only 15 weeks to go! We are pretty organised as far as buying the things we need.  We’ve been fortunate that we have family who have had babies fairly recently and they are very kindly passing on lots of bits to us.  Everything else, I’ve sourced second hand, either on Ebay, Gumtree or charity shops.  We could have bought new things if we wanted to but I’ve made it a mission to cut down on waste and not to buy unnecessary items and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my bargain hunting!  I will do a separate post on how to seek out bargains and to share what we have so far.

I feel that now we have mostly what we need, I can start to turn my thoughts towards the actual birth itself.  What is it that I want? I know that at the end of the day I just want baby out safely, I’m not one of those people who has an idea set in stone. I feel that birth is natural but can be unpredictable and the best thing to do is have a flexible mindset.  As I’m having a straight forward pregnancy, I have the option of birthing at home or birthing in the midwife led unit.  At the moment, I’m leaning toward the midwife led unit as its where I gave birth to Orlaith and I had a lovely natural birth in there and I feel that its the best of both worlds – the option of the pool and midwives being there if you need them but with the reassurance that emergency care is right there on the next floor should it be needed.  On the other hand, we do only live 5 minutes from the hospital so if I were to birth at home and needed help then we could get there fairly quickly.  I’m not sure we could afford to hire a pool or where we would put it so I’d have to have a ‘land birth’ if I was at home whereas if I go to hospital I could have another attempt at a water birth which I’m really thinking of at the moment.

To prepare myself I’m starting to read up on hypno birthing and also listen to birth podcasts and watch Youtube videos on lovely water births.  I feel that all these things are helping me to trust my body and what it is capable of and helping me to make decisions. I’m currently reading Your Baby, Your Birth by Hollie de Cruz which is really good and helpful.

Our next step is to buy a chest of drawers for all the babies things and get them all washed and ready.  I’m reading up on breastfeeding as although I’ve done it before, I want to refresh my memory and get prepared as its hard work! Also looking into cloth nappies and at what point to buy them or use them – to be honest, I’ve used them for both my children and don’t particularly enjoy using them – they are a faff and there’s the extra washing. But I know that I will feel guilty throwing all those disposables in the bin with the knowledge that they will still be sitting in landfill in 500 years! I think that disposables might be the best choice for the first couple of months while we get to grips with everything and get breastfeeding established then we could make the switch to pocket nappies then as they will fit better by that point.

The other thing we are considering at the moment is a name.  Naming a baby is something we definitely overthink but also its an important decision.  I have a huge list of girls names that I love but I think I’ve narrowed it down to two or three favourites.  Its tricky! What doesn’t help is that we have an eight year old who is determined to have her say as well, so not only do Jonathan and I have to agree on a name, we also need Orlaith’s approval! With Seth we had his name picked out very early on as we both fell in love with the name and thankfully it suited him so well but with Orlaith we had a few names we liked so we waited until after she was born to name her.

15 weeks, or 105 days to go, the count down is on!


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