Drawing and painting is still a little tricky for me right now, parenting is all consuming and babies especially. R is now 8 months old and literally getting into everything, she is crawling, standing, pulling DVD’s off of the shelf, eating bits of the carpet, throwing her food around, teething, she is generally a wonderful, messy little being. We are still breastfeeding around the clock and I’m quite exhausted, its hard to get into a creative zone and trying to fit any into nap times is difficult as there is always mess to tidy and most of the time I just want to sit and chill with a cup of tea and not get into ‘work’ mode. O is wonderful as always, she is doing super well at school, attending gymnastics, still into gaming and youtube and loves to dress as a ‘VSCO girl’, some new trend that seems to require many hair scrunchies and an outrageously expensive stainless steel drinking bottle (which she bought with her own money!) Its wonderful to see her grow and figure out her way.
I still have my Etsy shop, for all the above reasons I’ve been unable to put much energy into it but its ticking over and I’m making a couple of sales a month, obviously I’d love it to be more but as long as people love my artwork I’ll keep going with it and gradually I’m sure I will be able to put more love and energy into my art. I’m the worst at marketing and ‘selling’,it makes me cringe!

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I’m thinking of doing a little social media overhaul – I’ve had the same Insta account for years and its rather stagnant, I’m thinking of deleting it and starting again, partially to get more engagement but also just because I feel like a fresh start. For my own feed as well, I follow so many people and I feel like the number is overwhelming and I want to see different things. I’ve unfollowed so many influencers and ‘instamums’ that i’d been caught up in following but I don’t want to see people using their children to sell things anymore! I don’t mind if people choose to share some posts of their kids, after all, we are all bloody proud of our children but using them to do ads and sell products is uncalled for. I’ve started deleting posts that I had featuring my children, I want to give them privacy plus who knows what weirdos are looking at pictures online. How can we teach our children about online safety if we have their every move made public on social media?!

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent but an important one, I’d love to know your thoughts and I might do another post on the subject as its something I’ve recently been educated on and opened my eyes to.

Another thing that I’m researching and soul searching on recently is nutrition, diet, environment – which is the best way of eating for the environment?! I’m researching how best to feed myself and my girls and feel like I’m getting a good grip on supplements and incorporating protein into our diets. Its easier for me although as I’m still breastfeeding I have to make sure I’m taking enough of everything. Little R is easy as she doesn’t eat much and is happy to try little bites of everything. Its hard with O as she is fussy with lots of foods and I worry about her getting all she needs to stay healthy. I’m thinking this should be a whole other post so I might just do that.

I’d like to share some of my most recent art, there’s not much but a little is better than none at all.

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