I’ve been selling my art via Etsy for a while now and things have been feeling a bit stale and like I need a new platform. My hope eventually is to sell my art via this website but in the meantime there are lots of fantastic outlets online for selling your art.  I’d heard of Folksy before and had been meaning to look into it and now I’ve finally opened up a shop on there.  Whereas Etsy is worldwide, Folksy describes itself as the ‘Home of British Craft’ for makers and designers based in the UK.

So yesterday I took the plunge and registered my new shop on there, Lucy and Moon and it was so easy and user friendly to set up.  When you open up a shop, you get three free listings which I’ve taken advantage of to see how I get on.

I hope that you will like my shop and take a look at the items that I have for sale:

All of these can be found at: Lucy and Moon


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